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As of this writing I've had only ever had two full time roles both of which were in IT and as a technical support analyst. I committed myself to these roles for thirteen years which is a long period of time, especially considering I'd only reached the ripe old age of 32 years at this point. During these many years, I would lose count of the amount of people that would be surprised to learn of my IT-based background (rather than a sales). As a 'people-person', I've always known that but thinking back, I didn't have the self-confidence, belief or guidance in my teenage years to see me pursue this path.

Then 2014 came and things started to change. My long term girlfriend and I separated and my new place of work was beginning to frustrate me with my abilities suppressed, my potential still untapped and my progression, uncertain.

It took over 6 months of self-deliberation to take a dream and turn into a reality but the sacrifice of this dream would come at a cost. You see, to make this choice I would disrupt the solid foundations I'd built for myself over the past decade. I would be gambling with my career to the point where I would no longer have a career! I would likely have to start again at the very bottom of a new industry.

Was the reward of something distantly elusive and highly uncertain worth the risk? The answer to that is emphatically...

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6 years ago Miscellaneous

What travel has done for me (and what it can do for you)

Very suggestive wall-art, no? :-) So I've arrived back in England for my birthday to surprise my Mother and already there's something to moan about; the weather rather predictably! Despite it being the middle of May, it's honestly rained on both of the two days I've been back. Unless you've experienced extended time away, that might sound a little melodramatic and&...

6 years ago Middle East UAE

Hello and farewall from Dubai

It might come as quite a surprise to travellers and tourists alike to learn that Dubai is actually a city that backpackers DO visit and in many areas of the city, it's surprisingly affordable! Its central geographic location has always made it a popular stop-off point for holiday makers trying to reach Australia or the UK but these days, that practice has reached backpackers too. This...

6 years ago Middle East UAE

Why I did (but didn't) enter Ferrari world and Yas Waterpark?

I wish that opening image was mine folks but my helicopter was unavailable for the day :--) So I write the first portion of the post almost entirely with three good friends back home in mind; Alex, Steve and Ben. I know that I'm going to have to put a half good case together here in explaining the post title to avoid a public roasting. Saying it was expensive just isn...

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