Friends now, friends foreverwelcome to the unlikely traveller

Athens, Greece

Kristen from America and Jin from South Korea.

Breakfast club

Robert from Ireland



Bucharest, Romania

Dallan from Australia


Dallan from near Perth, Australia. Johannes from Helsinki, Finland. Jacob from Los Angeles, America and Sami from Clevedon :-)


Darren from Dorset, UK. Yay, a fellow travelling brit :-)


Get this, Darren is 46 and a former army officer of 24 years! For the last year, and after a split from his wife, he's been planning something big (tell me about it). Except um, he has plans to explore THE WORLD on his BMW touring motorbike. (Think Charley Boorman and Ewan Mcgregor but with out the wingman or support crew!!!). Oh, did I mention he sold everything so does not have a home to come back to! Makes my story look rather plain and unadventurous doesn't it.

What an inspiring story that has come from some unfortunate circumstances.


Belgrade, Serbia

Igor from Croatia

Bjoern from Germany



Ben from the UK.


Rome, Italy

Daniella and Laura from Italy



Saranda, Albania

Khlardi from Albania



Saranda, Albania

Vale from Mexico



Saranda, Albania

Therese from Holland



Tirana, Albania

Kevin from America



Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Edmund from Singapore and Zach from America



Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzogvina

Lauren and Bartek from America and Poland



Zagreb, Croatia

Brad from Perth, Australia and Nikola from here in Zagreb, Croatia.



Firenze, Italy

Damian and Emily from the UK



Lausanne, Switzerland

Lara from Switzerland



Frankfurt, Germany

Jenna from South Korea




Palermo, Sicily

Brianna and Jess from America



A good crew consisting of Giuliano, Danny-boy and Jess.

(Three half-Italians at this table. The girl done good, hey Jess :-) )

image1 (3)


Essaouira, Morocco

Fine English gentleman, Dom and Kiwi world traveller, Nathan