My short storywelcome to the unlikely traveller

As of this writing I've had only ever had two full time roles both of which were in IT and as a technical support analyst. I committed myself to these roles for thirteen years which is a long period of time, especially considering I'd only reached the ripe old age of 32 years at this point. During these many years, I would lose count of the amount of people that would be surprised to learn of my IT-based background (rather than a sales). As a 'people-person', I've always known that but thinking back, I didn't have the self-confidence, belief or guidance in my teenage years to see me pursue this path.

Then 2014 came and things started to change. My long term girlfriend and I separated and my new place of work was beginning to frustrate me with my abilities suppressed, my potential still untapped and my progression, uncertain.

It took over 6 months of self-deliberation to take a dream and turn into a reality but the sacrifice of this dream would come at a cost. You see, to make this choice I would disrupt the solid foundations I'd built for myself over the past decade. I would be gambling with my career to the point where I would no longer have a career! I would likely have to start again at the very bottom of a new industry.

Was the reward of something distantly elusive and highly uncertain worth the risk? The answer to that is emphatically...

YES and I'd do it all over again. He says still unemployed many months later :-(

My friends and family will have always known I'm inherently far more business orientated than IT which makes me a business-person trapped in an IT person's role. Therefore it's both fair and accurate to say I've been confused for quite some time. What's worse is that for a long time I've felt trapped as 'IT in Clevedon' is all I've ever known and so getting out of all I had even known was a super-scary thought. Sound familiar folks?

That said, equally I always knew that one day I would do something bigger, something better, but I had no idea what would be until that day came. That day I entertained the thought of extensive travel. If you would have told me back in late 2013 that I'd be travelling to random remote locations around the world, I would not have believed you. Younger generations take note! It's OK to reach your 30s and still not have a clue of what you want to do in life, especially if not knowing what you want to do means you can travel the world in the meantime.

Though let's be clear, absolutely nobody (including myself) expected me to give everything up in search of MEANING, ENRICHMENT, ENLIGHTENMENT, IMPROVEMENT and of course, FREEDOM and ADVENTURE. If could do it, you could too as the saying goes.

Such a lifestyle upheaval will have seemed so extreme and utterly bizare to most back home and of course, I can understand that. Yet, on the flipside, I've discovered it's also a perfectly normal 'way of life' in this modern day and age. I've encountered so many travellers and many of them have done exactly what I've done for not too dissimilar reasons, some are even fortunate enough to earn a living whilst on the open road! I've learnt from all that with the world being so different now to that to say our parents' generation, the thought of working 9-5 for our entire lives is less at the forefront of many people's minds. At least it is for the people prepared to do something about it and 'live for the moment'.

Having made the change folks, I can tell you that to have broken free of the 'rat-race' was truly liberating. Whilst I still haven't a clue what I want to do, I know that finding happiness in my job will be super-important to me. Oh, and I need to find me a good woman too, otherwise I'll have my Mother harping on at me every other day!

Except Mother, let's hope this elusive 'good woman' doesn't have the travel bug too as that could result in serious trouble of a more travelling kind... :--)


The Unlikely Traveller