No, that's not me in the picture. That's the young man who this post is about.

So you might be wondering how I could possibly have such available time to devote to such an onerous project, especially as I already spend too many hours writing, photographing, editing/uploading and emailing all of you wonderful people. Oh, and then there's the actual exploration and adventure seeking to fit in!

The answer is because I'm not the brains behind the operation, instead my youngest brother Paolo is. He is a self-taught web-designer and the architect behind
the current site. Many travel friends describe it as 'very-professional looking' which is quite the accolade for a self-taught chap in his early 20s. Naturally as his creativity and ingenuity grow, so does his list of clients. He's at the point now where he's serioulsy considering whether he should take the plunge and work excusively for himself. I'm confident he'll succeed whatever path he chooses.

Paolo was also the first in our family to travel having made it as far away as Thailand and Australia! Let's just say he came home quicker than expected due Australia's sobering cost of living. Though ammsingly sobering was an apt choice of word here because if he managed to experience this for longer than 2 days, he'd have lasted a whole lot longer! :-)

The transcript:

The conversation arrose when I returned home for Christmas. It went a little something like this:

'I think you need a new website'.

'Huh!? Are you serious? What on earth is wrong with the current one!?', I ask genuinely perplexed.

'It's outdated'.

'It's less than a year old man', I protested continuing to defend the system that has served me so well to-date.

'Things move quickly in technology. You can at least remember that from your former life, right?'


And that was pretty much that. Besides, what an amazing proposal as I didn't go to him, he came to me not seeking a thing for himself.

So folks for the last couple of months together we've been working on the new site behind the scenes which at times has been really difficult especially when we were bandwidth restricted in north Africa. On multiple occassions we couldn't even initiaite a successful audio remote session, let alone visual.

Over the weeks Paolo has skillfully managed to port across something like 99% of the existing data which is a heck of a lot when you think about it. This new site isn't just a re-skin of the old site but a full-on backend move to a new software platform. Unfortunately the comment system is proving harder to port over so that remain a work in progress so as ever, new comments will be really appreciated.

I'm hoping you'll immediately like the new format. Parts of it might take a little longer to load on the first few visits and as you navigate through it. The reason being this time round we've put more emphasis on some of my photography. That said, it's super important we get some feedback so please send any questions and observations
to either me or Paolo on

Let's hope the system proves as stable as the last one.

What Paolo can do for you:

Like all-things 'IT', websites are not cheap, even the most basic. Should you know someone who needs a website built, take a look at some of his work and please feel
free to refer him on. Equally if you want one built, get in contact with him or me first and seek a little consultancy for free via Paolo's portfolio

Clearly I can't negotiate an entire website for you free but if you use a discount code, you will get a decent discount and you'll be 'looked after'. At this point
he'll know you came via me so-to-speak and therefore you are a friend. It's this relationship that is priceless and immediately more solid than going to just another
invisble business. This means I get to see the magical discount code. Hmmmm, let's see, we could use: 'I-taught-him-everything-he-knows'

Haha, I wish. Serioulsy though, use the discount code of 'TheUnlikelyTraveller'

A final thank you:

Brother, I'm loathed to call you one in a million but certainly you warrant one in a hundred. Divisible by ten. Lol

Thank you,


PS - There's always a seat for you next to me wherever I am in the world.

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