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This post is unrelated to my travels but as its something the family are so proud of, well, we felt it needed to be shared with a wider audience. Unfortunately I haven't been travelling long enough to have established a greater Internet following like many more experienced travel bloggers have as it would have felt great to have used this platform to further advertise what we hope will one day be Giorgia Piscina - the brand.

In saying that, she doesn't need my help as she already has a massive following thanks to what she has been working as and towards these last few years. Still, any further positive publicity won't be a bad thing and therefore that's what I'm doing so let's crack on...

A short background:
Back in something like 2002, part of the family (my Mother's cousin and my brother's Godfather) along with Shirley, Sofia, Giorgia, Ella and Gianni (my Godson) moved from our home town in Clevedon, UK to Brisbane, Australia. It was such a big move that a channel 4 TV crew went with them to follow that part of journey. The show was aptly called 'No going back' and well over ten years later, that remains the case and I can assure you they have no regrets. Together they have formed a successful business from nothing which I'll mention later on. These days, and 'living down under', the kids are immeasurably happy with their new lives. But as per the title of this post, this page is about one of the girls in particular; Giorgia.

You see Giorgia isn't currently in Australia, instead she's in the United States. Why? Well, she was selected to be one of 13 finalists from, and get this, something like 11,000 applicants to compete in a reality tv show. Not a small show either but rather one connected with one of the biggest privately controlled entertainment businesses in the world - The World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (WWE). The prize for victory? $250,000 dollars and the real possibility of making it as a professional female wrestler.

If my understanding is correct, an episode will be aired each week - similar to how we air reality tv shows in the UK. I think to view it LIVE you need to be able to get on to an American network but I'm not completely sure. Either way there is always You Tube although the material only becomes available several days after an all-important elimination which is massively frustrating. Still, nearly 60,000 views in the first two days from You Tube alone proves the show has a massive Internet following too.

Last night, with chocolate, crisps and beer, and from my comfy Croatian bunk-bed, I viewed the first episode which was obviously surreal to be witnessing but equally hugely exciting. Her gentle and caring demeanour comes across in already which I hope counts for a lot - even in that alien world. Her well-natured being, combined with a steel mental attitude and impressive physical strength and stamina should we hope see her through for some weeks yet and maybe really quite far into the competition. Certainly I wouldn't bet against her...

Feel free to have a watch of the first episode and if you find yourself watching more episodes as they are released, then great - we can together monitor how well she does and how she can cope and adapt with the social aspect of 'the show' as inevitably there are some interesting personalities to contend with as you'll soon see for yourself.

Sadly these days she considers herself Australian, not British-Italian! :-(Still, let's ignore that, what does she know :-) So when you see her on the show folks, be proud in knowing she is inherently British-Italian and you can totally still hear some of that ascent in some scenes when she talks that immediately initiates feelings of nostalgia as it doesn't seem that long ago my brother and I would be round the family house playing with the kids whilst the adults talked adult stuff - whatever that entailed...

Thanks for reading folks, enjoy the show named:

WWE Tough Enough

All important social media details for you to keep an eye on and follow:



As for her incredible complexion, for several years now that branch of the family have been heavily involved in the evolution of a product and now its a big brand in certain areas of the world. Mind you, it was only ever going to be a success with Giorgia's Mother Shirley behind the operation and the once Clevedon-legend, Peter Piscina as its anchor. For those cosmetic fans out there, please see:

They have UK stockists too so if you are interested, look it up or get in contact with me and I'll see what I can arrange for you from abroad.

Uncle Peter, Aunty Shirley - just in case it hasn't ever been publicly said to you from the folk back home, please know that everyone has always been in awe of the visions you've had and how you've gone and accomplished 'em and then some! You have our respect and admiration 1000 times over. I'm a firm believer that a lot of the time who we are comes from our up-bringing and clearly you guys have done an incredibly great job at raising all your kids and therefore have heavily contributed to how amazing they have turned out first and foremost as people, then the mini-athletes they appear to have become. They must be so proud. You must be so proud. I know this is probably only the start so I'm looking forward to hearing more about Ella and Gianni future success too as the years roll on...

As for me, I really hope you too can recognise what I have risked and given up to become The Unlikely Traveller. I very much look forward to one day visiting you and to start training for the next season of Tough Enough. I shouldn't have any problems getting selected, right? :-)

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