Was a little knackering I can admit. Don't get me wrong, if you consider yourself fit or even modestly fit you won't struggle with this climb and at worst, you'll break a sweat. I, however, rarely     sweat due to a lack of any high level physical exertion and so it was strange sensation to see liquid based droplets forming on and around my 'looky looky man' Ray Bans. I also stopped a number of times for photos so that made things easier as did climbing after 5.30pm although it was still really warm!

Earlier in the day though Lucas (The German) and I said goodbye to Therese as she made her way out of the country courtesy of a 9 hour bus ride. Gulp. I have yet to do a stint that is even half of that in the two months of travelling but its only a matter of time I'm told so let's see how long I can hold out.

Within an hour of Therese leaving, Lucas and I were sat with a Cappuccino when our two American friends that we last saw in Albanian (they went hiking you may remember) strolled past looking to stay in the same hostel. We were chuffed to see them and to hear of their hiking tales and so we did this for a while before also then saying goodbye to Lucas. In the space of one day my travel family broke up, got back together, and then broke up again. Story of my 30s...

American Kev had stated that he too wanted to visit the castle on this his first day but we decided to go up independently respecting each others fitness levels and stop periods for impromptu photography opportunities. Speaking of which, let's get started with this first view-point of an already familiar sight within the bay.


DSC_0099   DSC_0100

Still no signs of a sweat at this point but I'd only been walking 3 or 4 minutes although the images below provide a decent depiction of the gradient of the climb.

DSC_0109   DSC_0112

(Notice how level and consistent the steps are at least). This made progressively 'stepping up' much easier and even more so when coming back down later on, especially when coupled with gravity of course.

A few minutes or so later I heard (as did the entire town) the horns of the ship indicating it was shortly departing this incredible bay. It really is that spectacular here folks. Montenegro hey, who'd have thought it!?

DSC_0116   DSC_0126

By now I was twenty minutes 'up' and I was closing in on the top-spot. You should be able to see the departed ferry in the distant background of the image on the right.

DSC_0134   DSC_0135   DSC_0140   DSC_0146

Finally I had made it to the top. I was thrilled. It took me 35 minutes with multiple stops and time-outs for rest photo opportunities. A fit person (not on a mission) with average stop points could do this in 25 minutes.

As for what is up here? Not much really other than an amazing view point. There will be lots of history behind this walk and castle but I haven't had the time to look into all this yet.

DSC_0179   DSC_0176

DSC_0151   DSC_0182

The finally, the money shot! Well, sorta. This is often the issue when you aren't the one holding the camera and directing the shot.


But look who else I bumped into up here!

DSC_0154 (2)

And there you have it, another well spent day in the country also known as Black mountain (Negro / Monte).

You need to make a visit to Kotor and Montenegro folks so in the words of Oleta Adams: 'Get here when you can'.

DSC_0149   DSC_0186

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