Dear friends,

Many of you will have travelled with me for the last one year, albeit not continuously. In fact, its because of your continued, deeply-appreciated support that I feel I should be
completely upfront with you so when I say this month of May will be my last month of travel, I very sadly mean it :-(

In honesty, the majority of the reasons are out of my control as you'll soon read and so there's a number of choice words for how I'm feeling but for diplomacy, be assured at the very least that this article is served with a full dollop of sadness.

If I look back to the start of this year, my own personal target was realistically half of a full year which would have taken my up to July. Whilst I should (and do) feel privileged to have achieved four of these six month, there's no escaping the fact that I'm loosing out on a full two months of enjoyment and travel-education and that's hard to accept.

Still, enough with the introduction, here are my reasons for returning earlier than I would ideally like to:

1) Through the necessity that has been employment over these last 20 years, like many of you I am fortunate enough to be blessed with not living on the streets and neither do not live (and sponge off) my parents. That puts me somewhere in the middle accommodation wise meaning I have rented out what I have whilst I've been away. The 'lodger', as she is called these days and who will chuckle at that, has given me her notice meaning she is moving out and boy, is she moving out in style! (Um, she's been accepted to work on a top of the line cruise ship and her departure date is in the next couple of weeks!). Whilst that's beyond amazing and I'm genuinely thrilled for her but that comes at a price for me. Thus, this is my primary reason for returning home folks. The bills won't pay themselves and certainly last time I checked, the cat hasn't learnt to feed herself!

2) My parents have always been incredibly hard working people; it's little or no coincidence that I started working and earning money at such a young age those many,
many years ago. Hard working people deserve a holiday and my folks are no exception to the rule. They have been unable to get away this year so far which is already a
long time for semi-retired people who enjoy vacations! One of their main reasons of having remained in the UK is finding someone not random to a) house sit and b) cat
sit! Their little feline princess is the apple of their eye (and probably more than the kids lol) so this is a really big deal for them and I understand that.

Enter me.

Semi-living at their home whilst they are away gives them the piece of mind they seek and so it's pretty much confirmed that When I return, only then will they go on their holiday. Bon voyage Ma and Pa.

3) Lastly but my no means least, timing could not be better for what I'm about to show you. In fact, I'm suddenly really quite thankful that I have been forced to cut my trip short due to the two worthy reasons stated previously. What follows then is certainly not 'worthy' and so just I want you to imagine reading what I read only yesterday from my bank but read it under different circumstances. Read the text as if this was just another day for and therefore as if I had no reason to come home early.

As you'll see, I've highlighted the one, killer line.




Wow, huh. To re-iterate, this is all really quite fresh as you'll see from the date stamp meaning this is affecting me right now!!! Yes, I have a back-up credit card but this doesn't help when I need cash! In fact, you've almost gotta laugh at the irony of this. I choose a specialist card company for transactions abroad only for something as trivial as a pin lock out for them to say I need to come back to the UK to reset it. I'd be using far stronger words right now if there was not light at the end of this short tunnel. I mean seriously WTF...

Needless to say with all the above, I've had to adapt, improvise and overcome a variety of circumstances. That said, my mindset is slightly different now some weeks later after hearing the news from my lodger. These past couple of weeks have eased the thought but not the reality lol, of returning home with a fresh mind. Still, when I return I at least get my home back and so that's pretty exciting too. Being home will allow me to re-evaluate a lot of things and perhaps enable me to work out what I wanna do now in life of which I can honestly tell you, I have no blasted idea!

One thing's for sure though folks, job satisfaction and happiness must come first. Need to find me a good woman too, right. You can appreciate that I've come to far and seen and felt too much to want to go back to my work life of before. This wasn't (and hasn't) been an extended holiday for me which is why I seldom ever portrait it as that. That said, I'm not a fool and so if after a period of time elapses and I still haven't found what I'm looking for, I'll again need to re-evaluate things professionally.

Back to travel. I guess there's one small silver lining knowing my time is to be cut short...the budget. As in, sod the budget, I think we deserve to go out in some style, don't you folks? :--)

As such, there's surely only one country and two cities that's gonna fit that requirement and I know you know it so comon, don't be shy...

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User Pic Ross Stephens - 4 years ago Hey Sami, apologies for not replying sooner I've been away with work and had a near miss with a broken ankle. wow I can't believe what has happened to you with the card. And to tell you the truth im feeling disappointed for you. Reading your blog has been a get away from the normality and somehow feels like I've experienced your travels with you. As I would never had gone to some of the places you have. This has all been inspiring mate you can hold your head held high. I always remember you talking to me about moving away from Clevedon. And being the one that got away. Now look at you a well travelled gentlemen ;-) a hell of a lot of life experience something no one can take away and you can cherish those moments for the rest of your life. Will be great to have you back and safe in the UK. I look forward to us catching up over a pint and hearing all about your experiences in person. And I'm gonna be holding you to the Normandy visit we spoke about

The Unlikely Traveller - 4 years ago Ross, I'm genuinely touched by this message. Thank you so much for your words and taking the time to write that. I'd say the beers will be on me but well, I'm skint! Back at you (from the old days). Lol. Get Hutchins to buy us both a round. See you soon pal.

Ross Stephens - 4 years ago Hey mate, It was the least i could do i have enjoyed your words for nearly two years now. I really look forward to meeting up with you when you are back mate. And planning some interesting trips for the future. ive just read your latest post. so ill reply on that thread. enjoy your last few weeks mate. And my little lady is back in July for a week be great for you to come and meet her its her 4th birthday on the 16th oh how time flys. Ross :)

The Unlikely Traveller - 4 years ago I cannot wait for this opportunity to see Grace. Thank you., just wow. 16th of in tomorrow? All the best for that day mate, even if its just on the phone. See you soon x

User Pic Dom - 4 years ago Well well well, the prodigal shall return, a pity that it has been somewhat enforced, I hope in time it will not detract from the overall learning, meeting and greeting you have been able to do, which is perhaps more in the last few months than many might wish/be able to in a lifetime. If it is any consolation You, Nathan and I can meet up for Té à la menthe anytime you please, if you're in the West Country we're but 1.5 hours away from one another. I grow my own menthe now!

The Unlikely Traveller - 4 years ago Dear Domingo. Great to hear from you. That's a comforting consolation and one I look forward to, genuinely. We can communicate in the weeks to come. Can you bring the fine china out old boy? I have indeed met some amazing people this year and it all started back in Essaouira...great memories.

Dom - 4 years ago I think we might be able to dig out some porcelain for you dear boy I know how sensitive how you are!

User Pic Edmund - 4 years ago What a pity! Reading your blog has always been something i look forward to during the week. It breathes colour into my mundane student life. But I guess it'll be nice going back to the lovely UK spring and summer weather too. I'm guessing Dubai and Abu Dhabi!

The Unlikely Traveller - 4 years ago Ed, not sure what should come first, an appreciation to your kind words or to comment on just how awesome that educated guess was - especially naming both cities! You're the first and even my friends from home were surprisingly way off with their suggestions.

User Pic teresa resteghini - 4 years ago Hooray ! Glad to hear you are finally coming home. Bad luck about your pin card. Didn't it happen once before? Are you ok for money? We are guessing you are going to Dubai?? Safe trip where ever you are going. love mamma xx

The Unlikely Traveller - 4 years ago Hi Mum. Looking forward to seeing you all all. 'Bad luck' is quite the understatement. No, I had problems with online banking once before but not this. I'm largely using my credit card and will just have to accept some small fees to come. Good guess :-) Indeed it will be the UAE.x

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