And it may or may not surprise but so here goes:

Coinciding with a recent Instagram post from earlier, I shared with my subscribers a graphically enhanced 'stats board'. Tell me, did any of you notice my blog post count!? I can hardly believe it myself. Can we get the Champagne out?

Anyhow, here is what I posted so be sure to read all the text...



Yes folks, I'm really back in the UK.


Surprised!?!? :-)

To be fair, I can understand both 'yes' and 'no' answers here. You might not be surprised as five months is a long time or you might be very surprised as five months is also not a long time. That's not so much a contradiciton but rather dependant on your view point.

So as my Instagram post teases, are my unlikely travels now over?

Well, the news for you my much appreciated and respected readers is that I will give you an update much earlier than I give the social media slaves. I will endeavour to update you guys via the blog in the next few days and will refrain from speaking of my plans to the many people I anticipate coming into contact with in the meantime. To clarify, you guys will be the first people to know if my journey has come to an end or not. Naturally I envisage people asking me what my plans are now as one of their first questions and I will continue to evade this and state that 'I'm not sure yet' but that once I know, I will reveal my plans via the blog and that's that.

Please know that whatever the outcome, I will forever remember the support that each of you who have commented on the blog have given me. This is 'logged'.

I'll write to you soon folks about how I have found being back these last 24 hours and what is coming next...


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