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Prior to my visit to Poland back in early August, my good friend Ben contacted me asking if I would be back in the UK any time soon to attend his daughter's Christening. I regretfully informed him that I had no plans to return just yet but shortly after his contact, a thought struck me - I wonder if my niece was also soon to be christened? If so, what would the chances be of begging for both christenings to be in the same week as each other!? Two Christenings on consecutive Sunday's would definitely be worth me spending the money to come back for. Fast forward several weeks later and some fantastic organisation from the two families and voila, here I am back in the UK.

The first of these two Christenings was last Sunday (6th September) and the second Christening for my niece Isabella will be tomorrow (as of this writing) - the 13th.

As for last week, not only was I humbly honoured to be chosen as Godfather to Renai Kennedy, I was also treated to a surprise gift which was both unexpected and unnecessary but having opened it, there was no way I was giving it back.

Edit-sami-1                                                 IMAG1476

That is the adorable Renai and that is Lewis Hamilton winning the 2014 F1 Championship in Abu Dhabi. What a gift.

As for now, well after just one week back in the UK I have started to get itchy feet. Therefore it is time to announce that in less than four days time, I will again leave the UK searching for answers to the meaning of life :-)

It's time to pick up where we left off folks as the journey of the Unlikely Traveller is not over.

I know that the first question on many of your minds will be 'Will I now be leaving Europe' and so without further ado, the answer to that is..........



Sorry folks, not just yet. I can hear the universal sigh from here - haha.

Bare with me though as I don't think you'll be too disappointed when you hear what I have lined up. (Although thinking back I'm not entirely sure how I came to conceive this plan). I have named it 'The FIVE ISLAND challenge'...

Now admittedly, you don't often associate the word 'challenge' in the same sentence as the word 'island' but you know me folks, I had to make it both different and hard. Subsequently don't let me spending time on some islands fool you into false visions of luxury with me sipping cocktails through-out the day. The challenge I have set myself is to visit (and spend a decent amount of time on) the five largest islands in the Mediterranean but I know already this will be much easier said than done.

Actually, there's an immediate challenge for you. How many of the largest five islands can you name? Seriously, give it a try before moving on down.



In order of size, these are:


    1. Sicily


    1. Sardinia


    1. Cyprus


    1. Corsica


    1. Crete


I hadn't even heard of Corsica until last month!



Regular viewers will know that I spent a little time in Cyprus back in April so I am already one island up. I would happily return to Cyprus but in truth, it's not a backpacker's Island so unfortunately it doesn't make financial sense for me to return and visit other parts of the island - as much as I would like to.

So come Tuesday 15th September, I will heading off to mainland Italy to soon start my journey into the unknown and as ever, I will really look forward to your support.


Best wishes everyone, always happy to hear from you.

Your Unlikely Traveller

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