What am I doing?welcome to the unlikely traveller

Hi everyone,

As you will have likely heard by now, I’m going on a journey! Not the overly used metaphoric journey that reality TV contestants harp on about but a real-life one.

I have purchased a one-way ticket to go travelling and it’s happening very soon – April 7th 2015 to be exact.

I’m extremely apprehensive because I’m travelling on my own. Well, unless any of you lot can find the time and money at such short notice to come and join me! However be warned, the idea is to rough it a little and attempt to ‘back-pack’, not ‘flash-pack’. That’s the intention anyway although I won’t be offended or surprised if you don’t believe me :-)

Less than a month before I announced my plans to people we had a female Resteghini born into the family. The first one in over 60 years!
Also around the time my niece was born one of my best friends also became a Father so my timing has kinda sucked a little but I know I have the lads’ support and I’m truly thankful for that.

So after the April Easter Bank Holidays I’ll be heading out of the UK and I really don’t know when I’ll be back again. I am aware that it could be weeks rather than months if I either mess up, can’t handle the isolation, miss comfort and familiarity, or just generally get home-sick from my family and friends.

To continue to spur me on, I’ve looked to these powerful, thought-provoking quotes that I’ve recently become familiar with:

“To travel is to explore. To explore is to live”.
“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it’s lethal”.
“The World is like a book. Those that haven’t travelled have covered only one chapter”.
“We should travel to not escape life but so that life does not escape us”.
“The World isn’t full of strangers but of friends whom you are yet to meet’.

Very compelling quotes hey. How then, could I not take this opportunity to find out for myself?

Please do continue to follow my blog of a journey into the complete unknown. Your support now and through-out will be much needed and forever appreciated.

Sami Resteghini – ‘The Unlikely Traveller’
Please remember if the worst were to ever happen to me whilst I am away, no regrets.