Why am I doing this???welcome to the unlikely traveller

Because it’s my ultimate self-challenge? Because I believe in more than I currently am and more than I’m currently doing? Because I’m looking for a new direction and meaning to my life? Yes, to all of those but for so many other reasons too:

I hope…

  • To experience as many once-in-a-lifetime opportunities as possible.
  • To be able to express myself through amateur creative writing and photography and to hopefully one day be able to inform and inspire others from my travels.
  • To encounter, tackle and hopefully overcome unprecedented mental and physical challenges allowing me to become a stronger, more confident complete person.
  • To continually look to self-improve by taking character exploration to a whole new level.
  • To do some voluntary work. My only concern is that a lot of volunteer work is heavily red-taped and requires pre-requisites, (often cash!), just to get involved.
  • To hopefully return and take family and friends less for granted. Something we all do I’m sure…
  • To return even more gracious and appreciative of the possessions I have amassed over the years and to be humbled by them.
  • To try and make this experience unsurpassable, humbly privileging and positively life-changing and I pray for it to pave the way for what I will do next in my life.
  • To meet new people and geographically expand the ‘Resteghini’ name. I do wonder if any fellow travelers I meet will have a similar story to that of my own.
  • To have achieved, in time, a level of travel that people can respect and admire and for them to acknowledge that I had he ‘kahunas’ to have done something very few people get to be able to do.
  • To once day be able to say to myself ‘That was the best decision I ever made’ and realise that having done what I’ve done, I can tackle anything.
  • And finally, I hope to find a greater level of happiness.

I’ve often heard it said that the majority of people will never know or will never find their true vocation in life. Perhaps I will end up being that statistic? Perhaps you will too? What’s super-important to me is that I don’t end up looking back one day and admitting to myself that I did little to change this. A feeling that most of us (if not all) will be able to relate too and so I’m setting out to do something about this whilst I can.

We are all (to an extent of course), in control of our own destiny and so I’ve started my own ‘change control’ (one for the IT brethren) by creating this opportunity for myself by having dared to challenge what most would consider highly improbable based on my unlikely circumstances – Why I’m an Unlikely Traveller

Sami Resteghini – The Unlikely Traveller
Please remember if the worst were to ever happen to me whilst I am away, no regrets