Why am I the Unlikely Traveller?welcome to the unlikely traveller

Over the months leading up to my departure, I’ve subscribed to a number of “digital nomads” blogs. It’s those people you can attribute my so called mid-life crisis for me doing what I’m doing as each of their highly inspiring travel blogs they have opened my eyes to just what is possible with the right attitude, a little luck and an abundant mind-set. Whilst each of these elitists commonly share great writing skills, jaw-dropping photography, motivational stories and epic experiences, they all share a common beginning. It was through this realisation that I accepted and embraced my entry into this ascending world of digital nomadism as an unlikely traveller.

Oh, those common beginnings I spoke of, well generally they all set-off in their 20s without a previously established or cemented career and just a few hundred pounds to take with them!

So what makes my story different?  Well, none of the above are applicable to me as I am in my 30s, I’ve have had an established career with over fourteen years in IT and I have not exclusively saved for this adventure. However, that doesn’t mean I haven’t had my own challenges to overcome to be able to do this…

Logistical and other perceived constraints:

I’m single and I have no offspring. You would be within your rights for thinking ‘Well, what on earth is stopping you then, man?’. Yep, that’s fair enough – up to a point.

Firstly, there’s no getting away from the fact that I happen to be in my mid-30s. Yes, I know that doesn’t make me ancient but don’t be flippant here, after all how many people in their mid-30s do you know that have quit their job and left their family and friends and everything else to go travelling? Exactly.

There’s more. I also happen to be burdened with a large debt in the form of a mortgage and the other associated bills and expenses that comes with it.

As such, this was hardly a decision that was made overnight. Instead, a lot of planning has gone in to this over the months to help better prepare my mindset from the drastically different lifestyle I will shortly be leading…

This, folks, is why I am an unlikely traveller and there’s more:


I have a very healthy lifestyle. As such, the thought of no gym time during my travels and the consumptions of considerably less good-calories and decent nourishment are matters that trouble me. These things alone might not seem too big a deal to you but to anyone that can relate to the above on a comparable scale will appreciate my concerns.

I have in my short time possessed some decent assets and belongings. I live comfortably relative to a lot of people around me and within my community.  It’s this perspective of me giving up a relatively safe existence of all that I know and all that I have is what I hope will shock people the most, including my closest friends. They won’t necessarily be surprised by my sense of adventure or scale of my vision but generally ‘gettin’ the hell outta here’ will initially be inconceivable to them (and many others) for all the reasons stated above and the more to come.

I do like a little (relative) luxury and can freely admit that although I bet that’s true of most western people. True of you too I’m sure?

However ‘designer’ and ‘luxury’ are not necessarily synonyms; and for me they’re not. One can easily exist independently of the other and in my World, they do.

What I’m giving up makes me an unlikely traveller.


Ah yes, probably my biggest worry at the moment. It would be fair to say that I am somewhat house-proud. Relatedly, my home, car and general belongings are always very clean and tidy and well looked after. You try having a super-cleaner for a Mother and not turn out this way. Oh wait, my brothers did J

Let’s be clear, if you were to ask people who know me well, who would they least likely expect to see in a hostel out of everyone they know, I would be very surprised if, say, 7/10 people did not put me at the top of their list. I really hope this puts into perspective the challenge that lies ahead for me. The only pertinent question remaining is whether I will be able to adapt to this? Tune in folks over the weeks and (maybe) months to find out…

This folks, is why I am The Unlikely Traveller.

Please remember if the worst were to ever happen to me whilst I am away, no regrets.