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  • Four nights in Zagreb

    Four nights in Zagreb

    No different to any other city, opinions of Zagreb found there way to me heavily contrasted. Back in Zadar last week, one roomie said it was the best period of her travels so far having stayed there   for five nights although granted, I don’t recall how long she had been on the road for. Then another […]

  • Plitvice – Croatia’s premier national park

    Plitvice – Croatia’s premier national park

    Croatia boasts an impressive eight national parks and collectively they account for nearly 8% of the entire country! Quite a statistic. Unsurprisingly then one of these parks is Croatia’s most visited tourist attraction so naturally I had to go and check out what all the hype was about… So I first heard of Plitvice Lakes […]

  • Exploring Zadar

    Exploring Zadar

    It feels like every city I’ve visited is steeped in so much history that is often too much for me to fully understand. From scratching the surface, Zadar appears to be no different but these days if   you’re visiting here the likelihood is that its as a result of imagery like this (image not mine). As […]

  • A day trip to Dubrovnik (Croatia)

    A day trip to Dubrovnik (Croatia)

    So as I covered in some depth in my last post, the whole point of me originally visiting Trebinje was to visit Dubrovnik and today that finally happened. The owners of the hostel put myself and Edmund in touch with a local guy – Svaki Dan – who works in Dubrovnik but lives here in Trebinje […]