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  • Delightful Dahab

    Delightful Dahab

    Dahab was not a place I had heard of until I’d reached as far south as Luxor. The first mention was from Japanese couple that checked into my Luxor hostel for one night. I asked what and where it was. They said they had heard it to be the complete opposite of Luxor and Egypt […]

  • 72 hours: Luxor to Hurghada to Sharm El Sheikh to Dahab

    72 hours: Luxor to Hurghada to Sharm El Sheikh to Dahab

    Look’s quite some distance, huh? And it was. Though I know what you might be thinking – he’ll have crossed the Red Sea by ferry. This is Egypt remember folks, d’you really think they’d let me have it that easy? Luxor to Hurghada I just knew the next few days wouldn’t be easy from the […]

  • Excursions and activities in Luxor

    Excursions and activities in Luxor

    Luxor is famed for many ancient archaeological discoveries and perhaps most notably for the 1922 discovery (by the British) of the tomb of the young-King, Tutankhamen. Whilst that famous golden ‘headed-mask’ you can probably envisage is kept in the Museum of Antiquities back in Cairo, the tomb remains here in Luxor making it two very separate […]

  • Destination Luxor on board my first ever sleeper train!

    Destination Luxor on board my first ever sleeper train!

    After what is now a concatenated nine months of proper travelling, I’ve finally experienced something quintessentially ‘backpacker-esque‘ and the clue’s in the name, ‘sleeper’. Taking a night-train is arguably a ‘must-try’ for all backpackers, including the unlikely ones and so I can now say I’ve joined that club. I’ve managed to avoid this through a combination of lots of available […]

  • Conned in Cairo

    Conned in Cairo

    Thankfully it was not for an extortionate amount of money so please don’t panic. Still, this post will illustrate the tragic depth of deceit some people can go to earn a living, albeit a terribly dishonest living. This is a text-heavy post so if you haven’t the ten or fifteen minutes available right now, re-visit at your own […]

  • Getting to the Giza Plateau

    Getting to the Giza Plateau

    Where, what or who is Giza? The immediate vicinity surrounding the pyramids is known as the Giza Plateau/Giza Necropolis. Reaching it from down-town Cairo is very easy, though it really wasn’t for me as I’ll explain later on. However for informational purposes you would simply take a metro to Giza and then catch a short, inexpensive taxi […]