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  • A weekend base in Lausanne…

    A weekend base in Lausanne…

    My tally for total days spent in Switzerland is approaching one week – and what a great week it’s been. As ever, I arrived here with no expectations and certainly no delusions of perfection but one week later, I really felt my stay here has come very close to that… Lausanne is a French speaking thriving little town. […]

  • Is travelling in Switzerland affordable?

    Is travelling in Switzerland affordable?

    If you think the answer to this is an obvious one, well I’m here to surprise you as I’ve learnt and observed a few things during my four days here in Interlaken that I want to share with you to inform, inspire and ultimately influence any future decisions you might have in the near future about […]

  • Interlaken, Switzerland!!!

    Interlaken, Switzerland!!!

    As per the external ink I provided in my last post, I have landed in one of the richest countries in the World. But before you think I’ve lost the plot or that I’m a walking contradiction having recently had to use my emergency credit card to pay for the bear necessities, well, some things are […]