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  • Wrapping up my time in Morocco

    Wrapping up my time in Morocco

    Just last week I smashed my train travel record racking up 7.5 hours and yesterday I broke my bus record reaching Casablanca, or ‘Casa’ as the Moroccan’s would say, in a solid 6 hourer! I can also tell you that was my final journey in Morocco as I won’t, for several reasons, be spending any notable time […]

  • Chefchaouen: Fifty shades of blue

    Chefchaouen: Fifty shades of blue

    I’ve arrived at Chefchaouen; an instantly likeable and popular tourist destination.  Visitors seek out Chefchaouen due to its relaxed vibe, pleasant mountainous surroundings and spectacle that is all things blue. Having heard the city was indeed painted blue, naturally my expectations were set accordingly but on discovery that only a large portion of the buildings […]

  • Journey to and arrival at FES

    Journey to and arrival at FES

    Have you ever heard of the Moroccan city named Fes? This city boasts some impressive facts and figures so hopefully by the end of the post, you’ll have learnt some memorable things about Fes making it not just another city, and certainly not just another city to forget. For starters, with over a 1 million population count, […]

  • Three nights in Marrakech…

    Three nights in Marrakech…

    This might not seem like much time to spend here – especially considering I spent a week in the relaxed, less well known village of Essaouira. However, my reasons for only wanting three days in Marrakech can be explained. You see, contrary to popular belief, there are not a bucket load of things to do […]

  • A weekend in Agadir

    A weekend in Agadir

    ‘Should I stay or should I go’? I’ve learnt that Agadir appears to definitely divide opinion between travellers and tourists. ‘Don’t go to Adagir, there’s nothing to do there’. ‘If you do go there, you won’t even need a night – just a day at most’. Those two sentences I’d heard multiple times in Essaouira and […]

  • A bonkers day out at Paradise valley

    A bonkers day out at Paradise valley

    Having decided it was finally time for me to leave the relative tranquillity and calming ambience of Essaouira, I searched for and found a new destination. Instead of taking the obvious north east route to Marrakesh, I’ve headed further down south along the Atlantic coast as there are a couple of towns/villages I’ve been advised […]