Did you know that every single person who knew I was heading to Romania, of which there weren't very many, wished me 'good luck'. Clearly they knew something I didn't and being on my own, naturally   I felt a little daunted, although I didn't let on.

Was their cause for concern massively overcautious or wholly accurate? To impart what I've learnt, I'll dedicate a separate post to this so in the meantime, please enjoy some touristy images of Bucharest I took over the few days. Of course I took a look more shots than just these shown below but there are only so many interesting photos you can take of buildings and stuff before they get a little repetitive and as you may know, I'm more about quality than quantity.

Firstly, it would be rude not introduce you to this Goliath known as the Romanian Palace of Parliamentary building. It really was unspeakably large. Did you know that this is the second biggest building in the World behind The Pentagon (although possibly it's the third these days). It's also was the most expensive administrative building to build and heaviest building as the bulk of the interior (which I didn't get to see) is from marble.



 The old town is filled with restaurants offering a large variety of mixed cuisine. There are also a number of old churches and monasteries, such as:


ChurchSide1      ChurchSide2

 Some more massive buildings:



Build1     Side2

Side2     Side4

Equally I'm happy to report that there were other things to do that just marvel at buildings but I have to admit, interacting with fellow travellers at the hostel I've been staying at ranks as good as any attraction, and more so. Sampling some Romanian food has been interesting too.

I also thought it about time that I visited a museum too so that's what I did. For people that aren't into museums, don't worry, this museum catered for something we all like; animals.

Let's start with these feisty creatures:

SeaLion      Leopard

I love how these following two photos have come out as there is a blur on a single animal on each photo giving the impression that the animal is actually in motion - when clearly they aren't!




 Two mammals standing proud!

Lion      Human

And finally, of course I couldn't leave out a photo of my two brothers. Meet Gino and Paolo


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