I'll reveal my latest location tomorrow but in the meantime will continue to drop some clues within this post. I will tell you though that today yielded my best and most proud photographic images since Athens so I hope you like them!

First though, here's a quick teaser of the view from my room this very morning:


But before today's event, just a few paragraphs about the last couple of days as it was recently Kate's last day. We departed the Sister's hotel in Piano di Sorrento around 9am after another wonderfully filling breakfast. This time though it got even better with the owner of the business surprising Kate and I with a bottle of red to wish us well. Incredibly thoughtful hey. If you're coming out this way folks, I would happily recommend you stay here. Everything was superb, especially the staff.


The remainder of our day until Kate's departure would be to drop the car back to Naples airport and then I would show her the port of Napoli and the pleasant streets in close proximity of here. I do my best to keep her from seeing the rough and dirty side that I saw plenty of last week. Naturally we would stop for a couple of Cappuccino's throughout the day and generally relax and unwind as much as we could as we had covered a lot of ground this last week and were therefore pretty exhausted. The one thing Kate didn't luck out on was that the last two days were overcast and so she wouldn't get any time for some dedicated sun-bathing having only had a couple of hours earlier in the week.

I can report back that somehow we got the car back to the rent-a-car place unscathed and will only 20 euros of diesel spent this week needing to be topped up.

Top-tip: - unless you're planning epic mileage, always ensure you choose a firm that will allow you to fill the tank yourself and therefore you pay for only what you use. There are articles online about how to avoid getting ripped off so I suggest you find and follow them.

Anyhow, Kate would later leave and I would be sad...obviously. Especially not having anyone to talk with that night before I went to bed. It was back to SOLO travel which I have thoroughly enjoyed until now after spent a week with with someone from home. Guess that was to be expected though...

The next day I would catch a train to Rome and then later a bus to the airport and by now I was feeling better, stronger and so The Unlikely Traveller was back and raring to go again folks :-)


I made it to my new destination very late last night so it was pretty much straight to bed. Now, one of the reasons I've come where I currently am is for a little Rest and Relaxation - the one thing poor Kate didn't see much of this time. Would love to see her face right now and by the end of this post although I'm sure she'll be happy for me...*ahem cough* LOL

A friend and ex-colleague Nigel suggested weeks ago about some beach time and I'm happy to report it is finally that time! :-) I've planned this around an occasion as tomorrow (Tuesday) is my birthday and so I wanted to treat myself as I'm out here alone and not eating with my family and partying (ok, socialising) with my friends.

Naturally then I wanted this short trip to be nothing more than CHILL time. Something I can admit I don't do enough of. Imagine my face then when the nice receptionist starting advising me where to go and see! Bong. Typically I yielded and so I went with her suggestion although all I wanted to do (and untrue to form) was chill my the beach and pool. This would be one of the best decisions I've made in these last 6 weeks.

Put simply, this has to be the most beautiful area of beach and mountain landscape I've seen. Backed up by how many photos I took today - easily the most I've taken on a single day. Less fun has been filtering through them though all! This island easily surpasses the visual delights of even the mighty Capri. Also, you don't have to pay for access to the beach!

If you think these are decent, I promise you my camera and my lack of photography skills do not represent how beautiful this was.


DSC_0811    DSC_0814

DSC_0839    DSC_0845

DSC_0858    DSC_0884


DSC_0848    DSC_0892

DSC_0922    DSC_0926

DSC_0958    DSC_0941




Oh, and as for the bottle of red, well it made all the way with me unbroken to _ _ _ _ _

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