A special day trip to Stuttgart

The mighty Deutschland is my new country of temporary residence. This is perhaps not too surprising considering its geographical position and proximity to Switzerland. So I’ve arrived in a town called Karlschule and it is here I will stay for a couple of nights. Originally I had planned on staying in Stuttgart but a shortage of availability in hostels (yes, that problem again) meant I had to look elsewhere and instead would look to visit Stuttgart. Low and behold, that’s what I did today.

Now I’m sure there are some sights I could see in Karlschule, same too in the considerably bigger town of Stuttgart but for once, I’m not interested. Instead, my interest lies in seeing one thing in particular as a result of a life-changing experience I had at 19 years of age. Not wanting to sound melodramatic as let’s be clear, this wasn’t a life and death experience but it was however still a life-changing one that would develop as a main interest throughout the entire decade of my 20s!

Her name was Porsche. So my love and admiration for all things Porsche started at 19 years old.  At this point, I need to refer you to a link from my other website that I wrote close to five years ago that will explain who Dawn was and what this experience was that I have since eluded to https://www.resteghini.com/page_id=1175

So there you have it folks, that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity came my way and changed everything. I can still remember that indescribable feeling from so long ago that feels much stronger than just nostalgia. Having only ever driven a non power assisted Nissan, can you for a minute just try and imagine what it felt like at an impressionable 19 years of age with social status constantly looming over you, to then be handed the keys on multiple occasions to a brand new 40K car that had only a couple of years since production started. Furthermore it was a convertible with an electronically controlled roof and of course, it was a Porsche. The car you are only ever going to see on your bedroom wall, not be driving on your own!

I don’t know if I can recall experiencing another feeling quite like it again or at least not very often over the years despite all that I have seen and all that I have done. I also remember the feeling when I would return it (late in the morning each time of course) dropping the keys through the letter box wondering if that was the last time I would ever get to drive her.

So knowing this, you won’t be too surprised to hear it was the official Porsche Museum in Stuttgart I went to visit today. They have the Mercedes-Benz museum here too which is even larger in terms of its sheer size but in the end I didn’t have time to visit it. Maybe another time. Maybe

I’ll keep the photos and words brief as I don’t want viewers not interested in sports cars to bored before we’ve even come to the pictures! To compromise, I promise not more than 20 photos. Deal? 🙂 Believe me I took a whole lot more…

The surrounding area is so large and filled with all things Porsche that they even appended ‘Porscheplatz’ to the S-bahn train station name! There’s the museum, the main Porsche Stuttgart dealership and a couple of other buildings branding the Porsche name and logo.

The image on the right is me taking photo outside the impressive complex looking upwards towards the mirrored ceiling.

DSC05552    DSC05546


The first ‘real’ Porsche – the 1948 356/1 roadster. As such, this was a prototype and the only one built! However the 356 model would continue to develop over the years. Notice when you think of Porsche’s now, particularly the Boxster, how the design is largely unchanged well over 60 years later.

DSC05493 DSC05495 DSC05499

The (993) 911 Turbo. This is one generation later than the jaw-dropping 911 used in the film Bad Boys with Will Smith. Equally as incredible and equally as desirable. Yes please!

DSC05508 DSC05510

Here she is below folks, an almost plain looking 1996 Boxster – almost the same car as the link I referred you to earlier but in a less exciting colour and standard alloys and a few years earlier than the year 2000 model I got to drive. Looks pretty simple in design now 15 years later but for the time, it was one of  of the most exciting new cars around!


The Carrera 4S. A 911 but in a 911 Turbo body including wider arches, body styling and wheels. A car I definitely dreamt of owning.


A generation later and as of now, the latest in the line of the 911’s and this being the unmistakable ‘Turbo’ version. This will set you back in excess of 6 digits with just a few extras.


A super-uber, pimped up 911 of some form. Kennedy, I can so see you in this…


The truly almighty Carrera GT. A car that was kept in total secret to the public during its design and implementation. It was unveiled to an unsuspecting media in, I think, Geneva – despite being a concept car four years earlier.

Get this, it even makes on the list at number 8 of the greatest sports cars of all time. Check this out below, men. Notice only one manufacturer with three cars in the top ten. There really is no automotive manufacturer or race championship winning team quite like Porsche.


DSC05530 DSC05531

Have I died and gone to 911-Heaven…?

DSC05539 DSC05538 DSC05542

And finally, for those not in the know, behold the future of the Supercar:


This I think is a race version of what is the road-legal Porsche 918 – a Supercar literally as technically good as it gets.

With such a description, you have to see this short 20 second video. Can you get any more stupid?

What a ****

So as you can tell, I had a really pleasant day out! I got to see, touch and hear via an audio device all of the above for less money than I would pay for a 3 scoop ice-cream in Switzerland. Thank you Germany, thank you Porsche.







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