My three month travel anniversary!

Dear readers,

Following on from last week’s devastating news, thank you so much to the 10+ people who reached out to me publicly and privately. Nearly a week later I continue to function as normal on the whole and it’s only those sudden, spontaneous thoughts which continue to have an affect. I was walking down the street the other day feeling good, headphones and shades on (default guise these days) with the sunshine beaming on my face warming me up and a light breeze simultaneously cooling me down. Suddenly a memory is triggered and the disturbing, stomach churning reality of what we all read kicks in. In that instant your entire body shivers, your skin tightens and goose-pimples manifest all over. Shudder.

That said, I’m back online and intent on marking my three month travel anniversary in a positive way and so I’ve constructed a retrospective post looking back around the time of the start of my trip with an image guaranteed to bring a smile to our faces. Allow me to introduce my one and only niece, Isabella. This image is poignant for me as I’ve only seen her three times and all in a condensed, hectic two week period which were her first two weeks on this earth and my last two weeks in the UK.

Take a look at how adorable she is…


The philosophy I’m sticking with is that there is nothing ‘bigger’ in life than either family or travel – and I’m sure many would agree. With a combined 65 years between my brother Gino and I, he is experiencing one and I am experiencing the other and both commenced within two weeks of each other! Crazy, crazy odds.

Naturally I desperately long to see Isabella, my best friend’s niece Renai, and the rest of my family and friends…and of course, enjoy Mother’s roast dinner.

Now comon, how many of you thought I’d last this long? If I’m surprised, you have to be surprised! 🙂

It was three months ago (which feels like a lifetime) that my two best friends and I set off after a great night at the home of my Godfather and his lovely lady. On my final morning everyone appeared to be their normal selves, as expected, but inside I was far from feeling normal as I knew these were my last few hours in the UK. I soaked up as much final advice I could from my Aunty Sarah and from Mandy a family friend before donning my backpack and my strange backpacker clothes. Destination: Gatwick airport.


There was no turning back. I had been thrown a fantastic farewell party with one of the most awesome cakes I’ve ever seen:


I had rented out my home, resigned from work and received gifts from many of the lovely people there. Sadly Nigel and Jim are missing from this shot. Actually where’s Keith…!?


I had sold my car, spent in excess of £1000 pounds on a backpack, insurance, footwear, camera equipment and many other little things that I’m happy to now share with you for comedy value.


Say what you want but these are all things one has to look into when you’re an extremely unlikely traveller! 🙂

How much of this have I needed over these last three months? Ask and I’ll tell you…

Thanks for reading folks. I hope this has brought a few smiles and some good memories to those mentioned.

The next post you receive from me in the days to come will be business as normal as I attempt to describe and depict parts of the mighty Vienna.







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