Nick and his lady had some errands to run today so they dropped me off at the beautifully peaceful Limossal Marina.

I recall feeling slightly unsettled when I woke up and remembered not feeling hungry at breakfast which was unusual. Still, before things got a little hazy, I was able to enjoy the scenery, sunshine and blustery breeze. The noticeable lack of people around made the scenery even more serene and tranquil.

Walkway      Sea


Side1      Side2

And finally, this image of complete nothingness. If Google maps is accurate, the very next piece of land you would come across from this point onwards out to sea would the Sinai peninsular (Egypt).


Food poisoned:

So I'm not the type of person to suffer from hypochondriasis. A handful of readers will know that I have an excellent sickness record at work (and in general). Infact, that's an understatement isn't it peeps.

I can now say though with some certainty that I know what it's like to have been properly food poisoned. There's nothing that drives me up the wall more than people who have a bit of a dicky tummy and attribute this to food poisoning. Well, we are a nation of self-diagnosers after all...

I was in Marrakesh last year and whilst eating out on the market stools (which has to be participated in for a proper authentic Moroccan experience). I was well aware there would be a strong chance I was going to pick up a bug of sorts and that's what went and happened. Whilst hardly a pleasant experience visiting the toilet every half hour or so, I didn't moan, I just got on with 'doing my business' over and over as I was accepting of this.

What I've encountered here though was very different. I have spent the last 36 hours heavily nauseated, on the toilet, led horizontally for extended periods of time and of course, being sick. Although thankfully the latter only twice. As of this writing, I feel much better but am unsure whether the latest stomach churning noises are genuine in the sense that my body is now craving food after pretty much 24 hours without or whether I'm still sick. I really don't know, this is all still very new to me.

But in all seriousness, my lovely adopted Cypriot family were wonderful. They were contemplating taking me to the hospital for an injection (whatever that meant) as they knew I had a flight approaching. I am thankful I didn't book my flight a day earlier as I'm not sure what I'd have done. Well I do, I wound't have been able to board the flight.

You know how we can draw from bad experiences? I guess this will only make me extra cautious in the future although if you can't go down to a local fast-food outlet that the locals go to and not get ill, where can you go!? Oh, and the food that I ate was actually meant for Nick! I had originally ordered a standard grilled chicken Gyros but for one reason or another, I ended up munching through Nick's. Unbelievable.

Let's face it, this won't be the first or last time I'm gonna get poorly :-(

Perhaps unsurprisingly this was the first time my mind started playing tricks on me and I started to doubt what I was doing out here being so far away from family, friends, my home and the happiness, comfort and familiarity these things bring me. I remember looking at my backpack unfavourably and thinking I had become a stranger to myself. If I wasn't so sick I would have 'choked up', no question.

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