An Italian hitman in Tirana!!!

Looks like yesterday’s post won’t be my last in Albania after all. Infact, neither will this one as there will be one more to come showing today’s activity and it won’t be one you’ll want to miss to   appreciate scenic nirvana.

The first semi-comical, semi-serious email my brother Gino sent me when he heard I was coming to Albanian was to ‘Take care’ as he had seen how mean those big angry men were from the Liam Neeson headed TAKEN trilogy 🙂 He could not possibly have believed that a real life event would actually take place here of equal brutality – but for real…

Last night at a local restaurant we stumbled upon a newspaper. Now, considering we don’t speak Albanian you’d think this wouldn’t have interested us but collectively we managed to translate the majority of the front page headline (later confirmed by a local). Give it a try:

20 Kile Kokaine – Kamorra urdheroi masakren e Tiranes

If you can decipher this you won’t be surprised to hear we were keen to learn more about this considering we were in Tirana only last week!

Here’s American Kev who also has Italian bloodline trying to look mean. He just can’t cut it though as he is too nice a guy – even with a big bald head.


So have you ever heard of the Camorra? This is an Italian Mafia type that originated in Naples. That’s all I know other than again stating the obvious, this is the real Mafia we’re talking about here. Anyhow, translated that sentence goes a little something like:

Camorra ordered massacre in Tirana (for 20 kilos of cocaine).

As I didn’t want to get any details inaccurate, I managed to find a page on the Internet in Albanian and then used Google’s awesomeness to translate it:

Take a read of this:


So to clarify, we arrived on the Thursday to Tirana and the day before there was a real life Mafia-ordered killing in Tirana. Still, the most important thing was of course that no bystanders will injured or killed – just the scumbags themselves.

Don’t let this put you off coming here folks. Albanian is still everything I’ve shown and described it to be and I further show this in tomorrow’s post.







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