Zbogom Belgrade, zdravo Novi Sad

Goodbye Belgrade, hello Novi Sad.

Knowing I was leaving later on this afternoon, I intentionally woke early so I wouldn’t miss out on two sightseeing events that I knew I wanted to get it. The official Nikola Tesla museum and the resting place of Josip Broz (TITO) – the former Yugoslav revolutionary.

Embarrassingly I never knew of Nicola Tesla’s brilliance before today. Tesla was a Serbian-American who we owe so much of today’s modern world too. Tesla is consider by most to be the greatest geek of all time and it’s not difficult to see why! He basically invented I dunno, the modern electric motor, neon lighting, remote control wireless communication and of course, Alternating Current!

At the museum we were treated to various demonstrations and a decent fifteen minute video. Check out the lightening bolt at the top left of this image!


The following image shows the very boat Tesla used to demonstrate wireless communication to people over 100 years ago. He did this by wirelessly manoeuvring the rudder so effectively steering the boat from at a distance. So bizarre was the thought of this at the time that he was considered a man of the spirit world as people thought he could talk directly to the afterlife to perform the actions he was demonstrating. LOL.

But sadly, of course all great things must come to an end:

After that super-inspiring hour, I then went to see the resting place of TITO who was pretty well liked by the vast majority and especially so considering his powerfully politically influential role. Further more, he was a dictator although he was considered by most to be a benevolent dictator backed up the hundreds of different countries that sent delegates on their country’s behalf at his funeral.

As such, I thought I’d have a quick snap with the great man:

DSC_0043     DSC_0045

The museum contained all  sorts of memorabilia and a lot of his old personal possessions – even his old desk and familiar seating area!



Again, all great things…


Although I was sad to be departing the Belgrade hostel I had grown fond of, I was at the same time feeling good because I knew it was the right time to move on. Only moments before from having returned from the TITO tour, I had a hot shower and donned some fresh attire for what I knew would be a pleasant 15 minute walk downhill to the bus station in glorious sunshine – as oppose to that traumatic and frustrating one hour walk in finding this place several days prior!

Less than two hours later I had indeed made it to this second biggest Serbian city and just from my walk to my new hostel I could already ‘feel’ the difference to Belgrade. Unless anything unforeseeable happens, I think I might come to like this city for the few days I’m here. As I’m only on planning on being here for a few days, needless to say I know where I’m heading next and it requires a relatively short plane journey!

Guesses on a postcard and all that…







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